Food, Beer, Sleep

  • Everybody will be provided with plenty of food and beer on Saturday, pancakes and coffee on Sunday!
  • Music will follow dinner. 
  • There are several spots to camp around the farm. Get in where you fit in, pick a spot, and pitch your tent. The main campsite has a water fountain (the closest to the spring) and an outhouse. You may also want to bring a headlamp, detachable bike light, or flashlight.
  • It can get cold out there, so bring layers.
  • The reservoir may be swimmable! Naked swimming is encouraged, swimsuits will be tolerated.
  • We're encouraging folks to bring tents (or sleep out under the stars), but if you don't, we'll definitely find you a sheltered spot for you to sleep in. Regardless, you should at least bring a sleeping bag and pad.
Party shenanigans:

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